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The Best Online Resources for Preparing for Competitive Exams in India

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Education in India is known for its strong engineering, technology, and science programs. The
development of this sector is one of the main government priorities. In 2020, a New Educational
Policy was adopted, focused on the development of interdisciplinary programs. Tuition costs an average of 3,000 USD, which is much cheaper compared to universities in Europe and the USA. Therefore, many responsible students try to make every effort to enter a university in India and resort to various online assistants. This is what we will talk about today.
We would like to note that the resources provided below may also be useful for those who do
not intend to enroll in a university in India, but simply for educational purposes or to broaden
their horizons.

British universities

Most citizens of other countries associate India more with relaxation, exoticism, and
downshifting than with a country where you can get a high-quality British-style education. Indian
education is valued all over the world, including in Europe and North America. Proof of this is
the many Indian students, graduate students, and scientists who subsequently study or work in
Western and other universities.

India is called a “supplier of talent”, because scientists from this country make discoveries in
various fields. Thus, over the past 20 years, 6 Indian citizens have been awarded the Nobel
Prize. It is very difficult to enter a good higher education institution in India (the high population
density means there is a lot of competition for admission), and those who succeed devote
themselves to their studies with all zeal and diligence, trying to get a full education.

Online resources for preparing for competitive exams

Below we tell you which online services you should use to improve your knowledge and pass
competitive exams for university admission.

● LiveXP

In the first place we will have the study English because as we said above, many college
graduates go abroad and work in European countries. For this you need good English to be
able to work in, for example, the scientific field, in addition to the fact that you must be able to
speak with a teacher from another country, and also explain about work in a language that
everyone understands. Here the opportunity to learn English with native speakers comes to our
aid. This is the most convenient and easiest way to learn a language at the level at which
people born in English-speaking countries speak. Residents of India usually learn English with a
native speaker on the LiveXP service.

● The Unacademy

The Unacademy service is aimed at Indian schoolchildren studying in the twelve-year K-12
program. More than a million video lessons have been uploaded to the platform, some are
available for free, and the rest are available by subscription. Unacademy also offers courses to
prepare for finals and entrance exams in India. The company's founder, Gaurav Munjal,
believes that the main difference is that it is product and technology-oriented, while other
companies are content-oriented.
In 2017, Unacademy became the largest online learning platform in India with over a million
students and 40 thousand interactive lessons. In 2020, the company acquired the engineering
graduate test prep platform Kreatryx, the online test prep platform PrepLadder, and the coding
community CodeChef to expand learning opportunities. The Graphy app has also been
launched for viewing interactive stories and books.

● BYJU’S Exam Prep

An alternative to Unacademy is BYJU'S Exam Prep (formerly known as Gradeup). It is an
online platform designed to prepare for various competitive exams in India: SSC, Banking
Exams, Railway Exams, Matriculation Exams, and others. On this platform, users will find a huge amount of materials for preparing for exams: tests, video lessons, articles, reference
books, etc. However one of the main features of this service is that you can participate in offline
meetings where students can ask questions and receive explanations from teachers.

● Adda247

Another popular online platform for preparing for various competitive exams in India is
Adda247. This online platform has an application, which simplifies the use of the resource. With
this online service, you can prepare for various types of competitive exams: Banking Exams,
SSC Exams, Railway Exams, Teaching Post Exams, and others.
The creators have made sure to provide all the necessary materials for exam preparation,
including study materials, tests, books, video tutorials, online courses, and live classes. In the
Adda247 app, you can also get notifications about new vacancies, and updates on exams, in
general, there is enough useful information for students preparing for competitive exams.

● Testbook

The fifth and final online resource for preparing for competitive exams in India is Testbook. Like
all the above online services, this online platform allows you to prepare for various competitive
exams in India such as SSC exams, bank exams, railway exams, teaching post exams, and
others. Apart from tests, study materials, video tutorials, books, online courses, and live classes,
Testbook also offers adaptive practice questions that help students improve their knowledge
and skills as per the requirements of a particular exam. The platform also provides detailed
performance analysis so students can evaluate their progress and identify areas for

Expert comments

Today, 10% of all EdTech startups in the world are concentrated in India. Education in the world
is changing, and learning is increasingly moving to an online format. It can be called temporary
difficulties that in India there is still insufficient Internet penetration (although World Wide Web
coverage in the country is growing very rapidly), the quality of Internet connections in many
places is low, there are not enough computers in households, there are specific cultural
characteristics in different states and local business-specificity.
The upward trend is obvious. But in India, online education is not just a trend, but a powerful
motivation and culture of investing in one's learning. And this is not a short-term trend.


Pupils and students in India are motivated to do well in exams, so they try to utilize all possible
resources that are given to them to prepare well for competitive exams. In addition to the above
online resources, platforms such as Toppr, Embibe, Career Launcher, Khan Academy,
Government Websites, as well as many YouTube Channels are also popular in India.

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