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Google Full Form – Founder of Google | Who is the CEO of Google ?

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Google Full Form :- In today’s time everyone uses Google, today whenever we have to get some information, we have to buy something or if we have to do any work related to the internet, then we first go to Google and search. Google Full Form

But there is a lot of wrong information related to Google in us, which everyone believes to be correct, today I am going to give you the correct information related to Google. What is the Full Form of Google, Google Full Form ? You will get all information about Google.

Google Full Form

Today most people think of Google as the Internet, but in reality, Google is not the Internet at all. Internet is a different thing and Google is a different thing. Google Full Form

It is most important for us to know about Google because it has become an item of daily use in our life like cloth is the bread and home, Google is also becoming our need.

If you also want to get the right information about Google in detail, then definitely try to read our article in detail.

What is Google ?

According to the amount of Google we use, we must know what Google is. If you do not know or know wrong about Google till today, then today I will tell you right about Google.

Google is a search engine with the help of which we can search any kind of information on the Internet. According to its need, Google searches the information on the Internet and picks it up from the Internet, and brings it in front of us.

Google is a very big company, which apart from the Google search engine, there are many other small and big companies. Google was first started to search for any information on the Internet.

In simple language, we can consider Google as a group of companies, within which many services like a search engine, cloud computing, Gmail come. Today, Google has many products that we all use, with Chrome, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps being some of the most popular. Now you must have understood what is Google.

What is the Full Form Of Google ?

Now we will know what is the full form of Google ? What is the full form of google in different meanings ?

Google full form : Full Form Of Google

Friends, do you know that the Google full form this lovely name is also very interesting. In the beginning, when Google became a company, it did not have any Google full form at that time, the name Google was also formed from Googol itself.

Google Meaning

Googol means a number with 100 zero (0) attached to it, so you must have understood that only after doing a keyword search in Google, more than 10000000 answers related to it come up.

Google ka full form: Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth

Google is an abbreviation, the full name of Google is “Global Organization of Earth Oriented Group Languages”. Google Full Form Meaning

Google is a huge multinational company along with the search engine, advertising, internet analytics, cloud computing, play store, its own browser, and even its own operating system (Android) and Google makes money from all these.

Another full forms of Google : Google Full Form

GOOGLE: Giving opinions and choices are liberally linked everywhere

GOOGLE: God’s Own Official Guide to Finding Everything

GOOGLE: Global online options and highly linked education.

GOOGLE: The Compassionate Opinion of God’s Living Entities

GOOGLE: Go online or watch everywhere.

History of google : Google Full Form

After knowing the full form of Google, you will be very interested in knowing the history of Google. The history of Google is not very old, but it is as old as it is interesting. Google Full Form

When Google was not inside this world, at that time there were many search engines like Yahoo, Being, but those search engines had many shortcomings, the biggest drawback was that people showed more advertisements on these search engines than necessary. It made everyone very happy.

Founder of Google:

With this, two Ph.D. students, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, looking at the shortcomings inside other search engines and removing those shortcomings, thought of starting Google in 1996, after which they created Google. Google Full Form in English

Whose name was given to Google in 1997? In this way, Google began to outperform all search engines, making great strides. Google Full Form

After this Google started quadrupling day by day, after which Google bought many big companies and started entering itself. Google bought a big company like Google Map, YouTube, Android and started entering itself. All the companies that Google bought and merged into itself have become quite popular in today’s time. Google Full Form in Hindi

Apart from the search engine in the market, Google also started many of its products like Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Assistant, Google Plus, and Blogger, in which many people do less in today’s time and in today’s time, all of them are priced. Within crore. Is.

Who is the owner of Google ?

Today the owners of Google are Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Apart from this, there are many people who also have shares of Google.

How does Google work ?

You all must have thought that how Google works, Google has its own way of working. Let us tell you that whenever we do some search on Google, the result that comes in front of us is neither written by Google nor all those results of Google.

If we search for something to get some information, then many bloggers, the company writes this information to them. Google is a search engine, which has to bring any user according to his need by searching for the best content for him from the Internet and bring it to the user in a very limited time. Google Full Form

Google decides some factors to decide which is the best content, blogger, or site whose content best follows all these factors, Google shows that result first.

SEO is the most important term to bring any content inside Google, with the help of which any content ranks on the first page of Google. Google Full Form Kya Hota Hai

Now you must have understood that whenever you do some search on the Internet and the result that comes in front of you is not all written by Google itself. Finds and brings it to your screen in front of you. It’s an easy process to make Google work.

Who is the CEO of Google ?

In today’s time, it is a matter of pride for every Indian that the world’s largest internet company and search engine Google’s SEO is Sundar Pichai. In today’s time, Sundar Pichai has also been made the CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet. Google Pichai’s salary is between 1000 crores to 1500 crores every year.

How much is Google worth ?

Maybe we can’t price Google right anyway. In today’s time, every year Google’s CEO gets 1500 crores and Google has the ability to buy a big multi-million dollar company, now you can think for yourself how much Google can be worth.

It is impossible to tell the price of Google, but Google earns $ 121 million from advertisements every day, which if we look within Indian rupees, then its cost is about 9,04,23,17,900 rupees. Google Full Form

How to use Google ?

By now you must have known what Google is. Now we will know how to use Google. In today’s era, we can set up our business online with the help of Google. You just have to know about it and start working on it. First, we will learn about some of the tools of Google and then know how to work on them. Come on, let’s begin.

  • What is Google Keyword Planner – Google Full Form

Many times this question will come to your mind that what is Google Keyword Planner. If you are making a blog then you need Keyword Planner. But some of them are paid and some are free. Whenever you search Free Keyword Planner on YouTube, the name of Google Keyword Planner will come at the top.

After that, this question will come to your mind once again.

What is Google Keyword Planner? Let me tell you one thing that only by doing keyword research you will be able to rank your blog. Because your blog rank is based on keywords. By now you must have got the answer to what is Google Keyword Planner. Google Full Form

  • What is Chroma Browser – Google Full Form

Chroma Browser is a Google product that we use to search. You must have also seen and used Chroma Browser. This browser is amazing. In this, you get many types of extensions, using which you can make your work very easy.

Chroma browser was born on 8 September 2008 for Windows XP.

  • What is Google Translator – Google Full Form

Google Translator is a language-changing software. If you don’t know the English language, you can translate it to your language by Google Translator. Google Translator was born on 1 December 2011. You can translate more than 100 languages ​​into it.

  • What is Gmail – Google Full Form

Gmail is a Google product, which is used to send and receive emails, it is the best invention of Google. Gmail was born on 1 April 2004.

What are other Google products ?

There are many such companies inside Google, whose value is within millions of dollars. Apart from Google’s Google search engine, there are many other products. Which contributes a lot to Google’s revenue. Here we tell you about all the other big companies and products of Google. Google Full Form

  • Android
  • Blogger
  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Chrome browser
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Maps
  • Google Translate
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Photos
  • Google Music
  • Google+
  • Google Hangout
  • Google News
  • Google keep
  • Google Books
  • Google Adwords
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Trends
  • Google Alerts
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive

These are all other products of Google, apart from this Google is also the owner of many small and big companies. There are many small and big software and hardware available on Google’s Internet.

Advantages of Google – Google Full Form

Just as a coin has two sides, Google also has two sides, one for-profit and another for loss. We will tell you about the advantages of Google.

Advantages of Google – Google Full Form

Google is such a big company, so it is most important for us to know what is its advantage, but we all know that Google has many benefits for us, but we also know what are its benefits.

  • With the help of Google, we can easily find any information from the Internet by searching it.
  • Google provides a free email service, which is used today for small-employed multinational companies.
  • With the help of Google Map, we can go anywhere and find any place, with the help of this we get complete information about that place and the way to go, this is the biggest advantage for us.
  • With the help of Google, many businesses around the world get the opportunity to place advertisements, which increase their business, this is the biggest advantage for those starting a business.
  • Google’s video platform is YouTube, from where we can watch any video, learn by watching videos, if someone has some skill then he can earn a lot by showing it here.
  • With the help of Google Translate, we can translate any word from one language to another and know its meaning. This makes it easier for us to understand the words of a person in another language.
  • With the help of Google Meet, we can make video calls. Today many online businesses are running with the help of Google.

We have all the advantages of having Google, apart from this Google is the storehouse of knowledge in our life, which we use to increase the knowledge. If we add small and big advantages, then perhaps our talk will end while writing the advantages of Google. About Google Full Form

Conclusion – Google Full Form

Friends, in today’s article, we have told you in detail about Google Full Form, what is Google, CEO of Google, history of Google, and what are the benefits of forming Google. If you also did not get complete information about Google or got the wrong information, then perhaps you have got the right information today.

If you want to know any more information related to Google, then you can ask us in the comment. If you liked our article, then do share it with your friends and on social media.

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